Family Photography

Red  Deer Photography


Over the past thirty years, we’ve come to know many families and have had the honour of photographing them as new generations are born and grow up to embark on their own lives. Newborns, graduations, weddings… we’ve truly been blessed to meet so many families and what makes each of them special.

Family Photography Sessions are most meaningful when the lifestyle, hobbies, and dynamic of the group are considered. Embrace what makes your family your family. An outdoor session in the park or at the lake, or perhaps even in the Rocky Mountains. Maybe at the family farm with livestock or in the field after harvest.

Or how about a minimalist and contemporary in-studio session?

Every family has a story. No two families are the same, and that’s why we love what we do.

Business & Commercial

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. An old adage, but still true.

Businesses thrive when they connect with their customers. A friendly face, confident in its product or service, goes a long way in forming that bond with potential clients.

Professional Business Sessions for yourself, your team, or your product is a specialty of ours. We’ll help create professional images for your websites and social media, your business cards, and promotions. Appointments are available within a week’s time, and the finished images are returned to you as soon as possible.

Business Photography

Fine Art Photography

Photography for Artists

A painter! A sculptor! A candlestick maker!

You’re an artist with talent and whether you’re a beginner embarking on the marketing path or a seasoned professional, having quality images of your work is a must. For websites and social media, brochures, flyers, posters. Grab the attention of your potential buyers with images that show off your work. Invite them to appreciate the time and soul that go into your pieces.

For artists in need of Art Reproduction, we provide services to digitize your work through high resolution scanning or photography. Your images will be colour-matched to your original and files supplied in the required format. Production of Fine Art Prints is also available.